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Serving Springfield's Favorite Chili Since 1945

Our chili, chili burgers, chili dogs  and tamales are so GOOD you'll be COMING BACK for more.... this is GOOD MOOD FOOD for the whole family.

On New Years Eve, 1945 Joe Rogers opened a little diner on South Grand Avenue in Springfield Illinois. "The Den" Chili Parlor was a cozy place with barely enough room for the kitchen and 11 stools at the counter. What the diner lacked in size it more than made up for in personality! In those days patrons lined the counter as neat little lines of  customers formed behind them waiting for a turn to sample the one of a kind original recipe chili. Joe and his wife Pauline  carved a unique niche in the Springfield's landscape and built quite a loyal following.


Joe and Pauline's children along with their grandchildren worked at the Chili Parlor over the years right up to July 15, 1973, when their daughter, Marianne Rogers, purchased the diner. Marianne ran the restaurant for several years and continued to attract loyal patrons from around the world. "The Den" was even featured on Man vs. Food, on PBS with Burt Wolf and the Travel Channel's Food Paradise. Marianne eventually moved the chili parlor from the original location on South Grand Avenue to it's present location at 820 South Ninth Street. The business has changed hands a couple of times since the 80's but the original recipe chili has remained a family owned secret.


After many successful years at the helm, Marianne has graciously passed the torch to Roy and Stephanie Beal. Being natives of Springfield, Roy and Stephanie have been loyal patrons of The Chili Parlor for decades. We vow to continue making the chili you have always loved exactly as it has been for these past 70 years. The Chili Parlor team you have come to know over the years and the few new faces who can’t wait to meet you will be here ready to take your order. It’s our privilege to serve you and your family a bowl of Springfield tradition. Stop in to say hi Monday through Saturday between 11am and 4pm.




Joe Rogers’ Original Recipe

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